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1998 BMW 528i (Front End Alignment Specs)

Discussion in 'E39 (1997-2003)' started by Jon DeBerry, May 9, 2008.

    Jon DeBerry guest

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    I had an issue in which someone backup up into my BMW. I had some minor damage, however, my alignment is now incorrect. Does anyone have the proper alignment specifications for a BMW 528i (Sport Packages). Thanks again.


    McCandless guest

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    I hate to burst your bubble but only the toe is adjustable on the front end of an E39. Caster and Camber are fixed. That being said: Are you sure it's incorrect? I'll lay you odds that whoever measured it DID NOT put 150 pounds in each front seat, 150 in the center of the rear seat, 50 in the trunk, a full tank of fuel, and verified the proper ride height, BEFORE doing the measurement. If they didn't do ALL the above, they are WRONG. You say "minor damage". I would think that truly "minor" damage should not have bent the front end enough to knock it out of line.
    But here ya go:
    Total toe: 0 degrees 5 minutes +- 10 minutes
    Camber: -36 minutes +- 30 minutes
    Caster: 6 degrees 41 minutes +- 30 minutes
    Total Toe: 0 degrees 16 minutes +- 12 minutes
    Camber: -2 degrees 10 minutes +- 25 minutes
    These are the basic numbers only.
    FWIW I had my 99 528iA (non sport but with sport Style 5 wheels) done with NO weights, a full tank, and didn't bother to check the ride height.
    Front and rear toe are set on the minimum side of the specs and the rear camber to -1 degree. Tire wear is excellent and handling only marginally affected. Tire pressure 33 psi Front and 38 psi Rear.

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