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1998 323is quirks, pulling hair out, please help, not much hair left.

Discussion in 'E36 (1992-1999)' started by jonrob65, Aug 27, 2008.

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    I have a 323is that I have done a lot of work to, but have a couple of issues that I have not resolved yet and was hoping someone here might have some answers. When the car is cold, or has not run in about 8-10 hours, when I start the car it runs as though it is running on 2 or 3 cylinders for approximately 30 seconds. It never goes beyond the 30 seconds, and it idles at a rock solid 700 r.p.m.'s at all times afterwards. I recently had the vanos replaced at a BMW dealership, and the car did not do this prior to having the vanos replaced, although the vanos was not working at all when I took it to them. I thought maybe I had gotten some bad fuel, so I used some fuel injector cleaner and octane booster in fuel tank and then replaced the spark plugs with iridium/platinum fusion Bosch plugs. I am getting a fault code for secondary air, so I replaced the the vacum control switch and the vacum module that connects to the exhaust, although I did not think that it is the cause of the cold idle problem. It still did not fix the fault code though, after I reset the code it comes back on after a couple of days, could this be a faulty Oxygen sensor causing the fault code, or something else? And what could possibly be causing the car to have such a rough idle at start up? The car does not burn oil or smoke or make any wierd noises when running by the way, exhaust analysis shows it burns perfect, gas mileage is dead on, and power seems o.k., no vacum leaks also. So what do you think? Any ideas or thoughts?
    thanks for your help,

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    I have a few ideas of things to check, but I feel that you may need more help than I can offer.

    1. Crankshaft position sensor.
    2. Their could be a problem with your secondary (aux.) fan
    3. Mass airflow sensor
    4. Leaky or improperly installed fuel injector/fuel line
    5. Throttle posiiton sensor

    Good luck...

    I would use my Bentley or Haynes Manual...the test procedures for each fo these components is outlined. I would start with the sensors and fan, and work my way to narrowing down the cause of your issues.

    In my gut, I feel that there is a problem with one of the fuel rails and/or one its injectors...good luck .
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    Don't post in multiple forums. See your other post for my answer.

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    sorry about the double post. Was not sure if it would be better to post here or in the 3 series forum, just trying to find answers and wanted to make sure I was reaching the right crowd. Thanks for the response.


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