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1995 540i 6-speed

Discussion in 'E34 (1989-1995)' started by Autohaus, Apr 9, 2008.

    Autohaus guest

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    I am looking to purchase sometime in the near future a 95 540i with the 6 speed tranny. I am well aware of the Alusil (good) and the Nikasil-bad bad bad :mad: I was wondering if anyone has the dreaded Nikasil block and hasn't had any of the early simptons (i.e. rough idling, check engine light, etc...). I heard this was caused by the sulpher fuel here in the states, but as Mike Miller pointed out that many other cars have Nikasil linings as well as motorcycles and that the BMW M60 Nikasil, "is a design or manufacturing defect, plain and simple." Thanks.

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    The previous owner of my vehicle had a nikasil block, but was replaced at 30k miles under BMW warranty. Other's who have kept their nikasil blocks report issues in the 100-120K miles range. If they get beyond that into the 150K miles range, it is typically not seen throughout the life of the car. There are many 540's without the nikasil. In fact most folks I talk to don't have one.

    At this age/vintage, you'll see the signs of whether the block has corroded or not. If not, you should be fine. If so, stay away from it. The 1995 540 are one of the nicer most classic looking bimmers on the road. Don't let the nikasil issue dissuade you.

    Of all the bmw's in existence, I'd pick either the E34 540i or the Alpina B10 biturbo as the supreme example of what BMW should be. Easy to maintain, a body like a tank- but classically styled, and fast as hell. I'm not a big fan of the electric razor toyota camry styling of todays cars. I'm also not a fan of sealed transmissions and no dipsticks for fluids. The new BMW's are built not to last. The E34-E39 vintage is. Just keep in mind that at 100K miles the rubber parts need replacing. Engine mounts, gaskets, hoses, flex disk, etc. Either find a car that has already had this serviced, or prepare to take a 2K hit in full repair restoration.

    That's it. Good luck.

    Autohaus guest

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    Thanks for the advice. I agree that the E34-E39 bimmers are built to last. I had a 1992 535i for 7+ years that was a beauty. She will be missed :(

    oxforgruenh79 guest

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    Proud owner of a 95 540i 6 speed

    Took me aboat 2 years to find one in good shape, 170,000 miles on original nikasil block with no problems and let me tell you that this car pulls hard, 100% complete with lots of things allready replaced....good stuff

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