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1994 325 what tire size works best with 17 RIMs

Discussion in 'E36 (1992-1999)' started by EL_Aay_325i_e36, Dec 14, 2010.

    EL_Aay_325i_e36 guest

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    Can any year BMW OEM M3 R17 rims 5 x 120 lug be put on a 1994 325i e36?

    Will they fit in the wheel well without any issues?

    What would be the maximum efficient tire size to place on the rim without experiencing any issues regarding rubbing or turning?

    What tires are recomended for R17?

    Thanks for any advice.

    Bimmerdude3 guest

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    Um... its hard to respond to what you are asking since you are missing a better chunk of info.

    Basically the bottom line is staggard rear M3 wheels wont fit directly. So buying 4 fronts is the easiest solution.

    225/45 R17 et ???? (forgot stock offset)

    225 is how far across the tire is. 45 is a percent of that first number that makes up the sidewall, i.e. lower number means slimer profile tires. 17 is rim diameter, and et is offset.

    225/45 R17 is the stock tire for a 7.5" rim (AKA a front)

    245/35(?) R17 is the stock tire for an 8.5 rear rim.

    So get four fronts, 225/45 all the way around. I ran spacers with mine but didnt need them on my old "IS". You shouldnt rub but if youdo I have a set of 5MM spacers you can buy. And not sure what you mean buy tire recommendations but Dunlop Direzzas got my vote. Amazing tire for the money!

    Right now I run koseis, 8.5" with 235/40 squared off.

    duncdl guest

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    1994 325is tire and wheel fitment

    I have Kosei K1 wheels in 17x8.5 and want to run 235/40 17 Dunlop Direzzas on all four corners as well.
    I notice the door sill plate actually lists optional tire pressure for 235/40 17 tires, so it may have even been a factory option that year. Since you seem to be running this setup, I just wanted to confirm you had no clearance issues that required a modification - fender roll or spacers. Also any notable suspension changes that may have enabled you to run this setup or is it basically stock. Thanks.
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    it depends on the offset, E36s need about an ET40 offset to fit without modification

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