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1991 325i Convertible need BMW E30 Struts

Discussion in 'E30 (1984-1993)' started by Jship91, Jun 23, 2017.

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    Dear BMW Colleagues:

    I am looking for front Struts for my 1991 325i Convertible - I live the Washington DC Metro Area
    (Arlington, VA) please advise on a place to buy and replace current struts. Thanking you in advance.
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    If you have stock shocks currently, any of the places selling parts advertising in the Roundel can probably get what you need. Worthwhile to compare prices.

    https://www.bavauto.com is pretty comprehensive - pretty sure they'll price match also.

    Replacing only the fronts, to keep a safe handling balance, it's probably advisable to match the fronts to what you have on the rear. If you're looking for stock replacements & maintaining original ride quality, Bavauto's showing the Bilstein B4 as an OE replacement. They also show Koni STR.T's, apparently those require a different upper strut mount - I'd say that's no big deal if that's what you went for, you should use new upper strut mounts when putting in new shocks anyway. I put Bilstein HD's on my E34 w/ stock springs, no complaints about the ride quality. I did all 4 corners at once, Bavauto can tell you if HD's will work ok with your rears. Sachs or Boge shocks used to be the common o.e. replacements, they only list a Sachs for a rear shock - presumably something's changed on the supplier front there.

    Sport shocks are a different ball-game, they're made to go with lowering springs and trade-off ride quality for handling performance.

    Ditto what Charlson said, best bet for local recommendations is hit up your area members/contacts through your chapter's website &/or social media.

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