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1988 BMW 325 IX

Discussion in 'E30 (1984-1993)' started by evolution, Dec 31, 2011.

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    Good evening one and all. Ward here. I recently took delivery of a 1988 BMW 325 IX 2 door coupe. It needs everything and I am in the process of getting all of them done over the long winter months here in Michigan. I am wondering if anyone knows how many of these cars still exist. I know that it was only offered in the U.S. in 88, 89, and 90, and in limited numbers. I look forward to whatever anyone comes up with or, if someone can point me in a direction. Thanks.
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    Somebody probably can direct you to the production stats, it's certainly true the E30 'ix was only around a few years, although I'm not sure if it was only those 3 years. '92 was the first year for the E36, which I think was only available as a 4-door chassis that year. I think two-door hard-top E30's were out for 92, although I think the E30 convertibles, which were two-door, continued for '92 as there was no E36 'vert replacement yet.

    The '88, as I recall, was the most optioned of the 'ix E30's, as it came outfitted basically with all the same appointments as the E30 325is, as standard equipment. Following years (again, assuming I'm recalling correctly) didn't have as standard, leather interior & sport seats, the obc, a-pillar door-pod tweeters, rear spoiler and body-color-painted mirrors, electric sunroof, & front airdam. I would tend to think all 'ix E30's would have had a limited-slip differential, but I don't know that for sure.

    Good Luck with the project!
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    As MGarrison said. Pretty positive they all came with an lsd. My 91 4 door came with leather and the bigger stereo, I then added the big obc and front air dam. Mine also has the ski bag. For more info go here, http://home.earthlink.net/~wardellhix/iX/index.html The website is not really updated anymore, but the car hasn't change either! :eek:)

    Here in central penna there are very few e30s around, but the ones I do see seem to all be of 325ix variety.
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    Well, yeah, it's a limited-slip---of sorts. It's really a Ferguson silly-putty diff, as is the transfer case. Great fun in the snow, as long as you practice left-foot braking. Oh, and disable the ABS system. That's quite simple in this car, too. [Details upon request]
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    We picked traded a '00 540 Sport for our iX several years ago and we love it. Easy to work on, lots of parts and it doesn't have a sensor go bonkers and cost us hundreds of $s every other month like the 540 did. It is a great winter ride.

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