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1988 750il project

Discussion in 'E32 (1988-1994)' started by meanfinn, Apr 26, 2009.

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    My son, Terry J. Miller, has a 1988 750iL that he is ressurecting. He is an automotive technology student. I will let him take over from here. Hi Mike! The car has 158,000+ miles and has injection issues. Currently the right and left #4 and #6 injectors are not firing while the #2 injectors are firing(noid light test). Bizarre, since they are all connected in groups of three. The grounds show continuity through pin 17 on both DME's but the Ohms readings are not in the 6-7 range when pins 17-37 are tested. I would like to know the proper procedure for pin out testing of the DME's(X1600,1601) and also the EML(X1602). I am fully aware I may be tilting at Roundels with this car. I bought it for $700.00. Also, I have reconditioned the oil level sender(brake parts cleanered the sludge out) and am waiting for the oil pressure sender. Would either of these two send the car into "limp home mode" and if so how exactly does limp home manifest itself? Am I trying to fix something that is supposed to be happening? Lastly, all of the wiring diagrams I have, including the Alldata, are showing a 4 prong fuel pump relay in the strut powerbox, not the 7 prong and all of them have the main relay and the pump relay reversed. Do you have the real diagram? Terry J. Miller by way of Helena Korhonen, Espanola, New Mexico.
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    I am sorry I can not help on this issue. But if you are looking for Mike Miller from Tech Talk to respond, you might be disappointed. I don't think he is on these forums, I least I have never seen a post from him.

    BUT, he is very quick to respond if you e-mail him at techtalk@roundel.org. Just be sure to include your full name, city, state, year, mileage, model, and trans.

    Good luck.
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