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1988 325ix Premium Sound System Issues...

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Electronics' started by Tyjosimo43, Feb 15, 2018.

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    After posting this post in the E30 section, I quickly discovered that this is a much better place to post... Anyways..

    I have just purchased a FANTASTIC 325ix from 1988 and have loved it so far. Except for one thing... The stereo! The car came with a totally toasted Sony that was working fine, and sounded fine. When I decided to change the stereo, I pulled it out and stripped all the wires back soldered them and nothing. So I go onto various forums and try and find out whats goin on and oh goodness it only got worse. Turns out I have a Premium Sound System and absolutely nothing about the wiring is standard. I have the power to the new head unit working and that is it. I found a great diagram as well for premium sound system owners out there and all the colors I have are in accordance to the diagram. Alright, here is what I have done and also what still needs fixing...

    - Wires stripped back from fader
    - Identification of 12v Constant and 12v Accessory and successful powering of the new headunit
    - Identification of some of the speaker wires?

    Need Help:
    - What wire goes where when it comes to speakers, I have learned that there was only positives but will that even work with a modern headunit like the one I am trying to put in?
    - What is with the 2-3 ground wires (brown) Should I connect the headunit negatives to these or just tie them up and out of the way?
    - How do I know if the amp is working? I am getting absolutely no sound so perhaps a amp fuse is blown or something?

    I REALLY don't want to have to rewire the car. But If I can be convinced it is the only way, I might do it. I'm getting pretty frustrated at this point.

    Thanks to anyone that can help...

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    So I got all the wires connected and I finally had sound! However there were some more problems...

    1. At somewhat high volumes, a large crackle occurs at Bass level frequencies.
    2. There is a large amount of static that changes in volume and pitch in accordance to engine revs
    3. When I tried to attach all the Headunit speaker negatives to a ground, it killed the sound entirely.

    So in full disclosure, I was trying to attach a cheap (awful) headunit I bought from Walmart for $20 and I am fairly certain that this is the source of at least some of the problems. However, I also suspect issues with the ground system. Thanks for the continued help. EVERYTHING ELSE YOU MENTIONED WORKED BEAUTIFULLY AND THE AMP NOW TURNS ON, GREAT!

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