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1983 BMW 320iS Air Dam Needed

Discussion in 'E21 (1977-1983)' started by seanmerrigan, Oct 15, 2010.

    seanmerrigan guest

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    Hi. I'm looking for a 1983 BMW 320i "S" front air dam. Any suggestions where I can find one? Any assistance greatly appreciated.
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    Sounds like a 'rarer-than-hen's-teeth' kinda item to me, but I'd suggest starting w/ the major BMW dismantlers advertising in the Roundel. If you have any local pick-n-pull junkyards, might be worth a call, see if they have any 320's in inventory. If you have any really good friends in Germany or England, you might want to hit them up, they might stand a better chance than here, but then there's the whole issue of getting it here and through customs. The Ebay-ers over in England might be willing to sell overseas, but again, customs.






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    E21 iS parts aren't exactly going to bury you....

    ...The Ebay.de site is another strong place to look. Just make sure you can squeak by with Google Language tools, as well as potentially heavy shipping fees, since that part is coming across the Big Pond.

    Be careful who you're dealing with too. European fraud laws are a little different than the American laws you're used to, and you're strictly in European, not American territory here.

    Google is still your friend here too. Google E21 iS airdam for other leads too.

    Not sure how flexible you are here, but Hartge and Alpina also made some pretty attractive airdams too back in the day. Alpina will cost you an arm and a leg, but Hartge recently rolled back their prices to combat counterfeiting.

    I might also add that the E30 parts will TECHNICALLY fit, but the mounting is a little different, as well as different appearances. The E30's also differ in the regard that you have the "bench bumper style" (older style) as well as the revised "short bumper style" found on 1988 and later E30's.

    Good luck!

    seanmerrigan guest

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    Thanks folks. All good ideas. Greatly appreciated. When I find a source, I will post.

    345861 guest

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    My first BMW was a new 1983 BMW Alpine white/black 320is. Wish I still had it. The Recaro/BMW seats were the best I've ever sat in. Thank you for trying to keep one alive and good luck with your search!
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    Call Brian ('Da Parts Pimp') in the parts department at BMW of Chattanooga. If there is a new one in the BMW system in the world, he'll find it - and he'll give you a great price. Tell him who sent you and tell him he'll never see another 'Uff Da Bock' if he doesn't help you. ;)

    seanmerrigan guest

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    Thanks... I'll give Chris a call in the morning.

    Jdetente guest

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    This "is" Air Dam was not available in Europe. This was a US-only option. I know because a UK e21er has asked that I source him an "is" air dam because no one over there has one.

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