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1600 ignition tumbler was loose and now popped out?

Discussion in '114 type 1600, 2002, 2002ti/tii (1967-1976)' started by Harry Seidel III, Apr 8, 2009.

    Harry Seidel III guest

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    This story is about my 1967 1600 in which recently (last 3 years) the ignition switch began to have some play. In order for the starter to engage you would turn the key to the far right as normal and then push the key inward. I believe what was happening (but I'm not sure) was that the tumbler assembly was moving slightly inward when i pushed the key inward.

    In any case, today while doing the procedure, the key moved to about 5 oclock (start position being 3 oclock) and the entire tumbler assembly sprung out. 45 minutes of playing with the tumbler and careful examination of the situation and nearly getting it entirely replaced while my Siberian Huskey snored in the back seat, was to no avail. When I achieved near replacement it was still maybe 1/16-inch shy of being completely in place and the key was not in the same position (direction) as it was when the tumbler popped out. Also, looking at the tumbler just beyond the tumbler cylinder (with all the small slots etc.) there apearrs to be a ring that can be spun and a slot can be aligned. Mine may be broken because the ring is in (3) pieces.

    Is it realistic to attempt repair of this or is replacement advised. Are the ignition tumbler systems uniform amongst older 2002's and 1600's and so available or do I take up the violin. I really need to fix this car. I won't cry about having a door key different than the starter key if it means a reliable ignition condition.

    I could take pictures and e-mail them to anyone who is knowledgable and can help me.

    Harry Seidel

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