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15% Ethanol

Discussion in 'Warranty questions' started by krazykatkb, Oct 14, 2010.

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    I saw where NASCAR will be running E15 in the top three Sprint racing series next year. The article said the E15 would be kept in tankers, not put into the in ground tanks at the tracks. Sounds like the tracks didn't want to install new tanks and pumps for E15.

    Maybe it will be popular in the South!
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    Well, it is NASCAR after all--if'n they remembers they hist'ry, they'll set'm up a still, separate the ethanol and gasoline, run the race on the gas and run the pit crews on the hooch. :D

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    And, of course, you felt the same way toward the Bush Administration that spent 8 years creating the mess our country is in today? The financial system came close to collapsing while he was in office. So did the TARP bailout of the banks and AIG. Under his management the national debt doubled because of the two wars he got us into while cutting taxes for his wealthy supporters.

    Just reminding you of how we got to where we are today. Don't blame the healthcare law for any of that.

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