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07 335i concerns from new owner

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by tsrichmond, Aug 24, 2014.

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    Good day all
    I have just recently purchased an 07 335 I coupe with 110k miles from a BMW dealer
    I have only gone 730 miles and have had blowing smoke, car dies, engine surging.
    It has been at the dealer twice now, and going again tomorrow.
    I did not purchase the aftermarket warranty, but have so far convinced the dealer that this is not normal and they should stand behind the car; even CarMax offers a free 30 day warranty
    I have only had the car 25 days
    After reading all of the forums about the numerous HPFP, turbo, leaking oil issues, I am at a loss as to what to do
    We cannot afford the $4k warranty cost that the dealer offered.

    Are these cars bad..can someone offer me any hope??

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    The car you bought is not a lemon at all. Actually in my opinion one of the best built engines but of course they do have there problems. From what you described it sounds like you have a issue either with fuel injectors leaking or like you mentioned HPFP. Yes a good BMW dealer should help you out in your situation that your in. A lot of money on these cars can be saved by doing the work yourself if you feel up to it. Also you always have the information on this forum and TSA's to help.

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    Question: What's the point of "doing it yourself" if you have to:
    1) purchase a programmer machine to program the new component to the car?
    2) spend ridiculous amounts of $$ just for the components?
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    Sorry to hear of your disappointment with the new 335. They offer such performance, it's easy to get caught up in the excitement and all.
    Sadly, I wish you had been able to read up on the E90 335s before making the purchase. As you've since discovered, these cars have experienced many ... Many problems. That doesn't mean that they cannot become enjoyable vehicles, it's just that they are probably not going to be cheap. To be honest, the initial purchase price might be the cheapest part of ownership. I hope not.
    The good side, many/most of the needed repairs and updates may have already been done on your car. Your dealer should have that information. By now, the HPFP has probably been dealt with (probably more than once). Injectors may have already been replaced (but, might indeed be due for attention).
    What kind of smoke is it blowing and from where? Oil, as in rings, valves, gasket, etc. or rich/mixture/combustion/emissions, as in fuel management, turbos, emissions components, fuel pump, countless hoses, fittings, valves, gaskets, etc. etc. etc.? Gas tank pressurization pump maybe has a problem? The list of possibilities is lonnnngggg.

    All that to say ... depending on what all is covered and for how long, the quoted $4K extended warranty just might be your cheapest option. Sorry.

    If they/you can get it sorted, you could have a Lot of enjoyment with the car.

    Don't know if the club ombudsman program might be able to help with your dealer (or if it still exists). Check into it.

    Wishing you well. Good luck.
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    Didn't you have to buy a socket wrench set to work on your previous car(s)? Not any different - you need tools to do the job, simple as that.

    As Mike Miller says: "these are expensive cars to buy and maintain".
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    I know these cars are expensive to maintain. I've owned a few. The first two were from a long lost era it seems. I expect brake replacements and suspension rebuilds to be more expensive because the brakes and suspension are "better" than your typical Camry. However, what has died on my car was not the result of negligence on my part. As I said before, there is NO maintenance schedule for a rear view mirror or an ABS pump. We pay a premium price for a premium brand so I EXPECT premium reliability especially with important safety equipment. Our '07 Honda Si has basically the same mileage on it and it has ABS and DSC and the only thing I've had to repair was the windshield fluid pump...in 8 years of ownership. The non-warranty repairs for the Honda in 8 years were about $100; Our BMW, so far, about $5000. And that $5000 was all in 2014. Something is wrong here.
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    Check the codes. If it is the HPFP, the car is under warranty for the HPFP for 10 years 120,000 miles. But if the codes lead to the injectors, you can replace them yourself. Make sure you have the data for injector replaced and direct/pay the dealer to input the data. The car will run with the old inputs, just don't redline it.
    There are two banks: 1,2,3 and 4,5,6. They coincide with cylinders. The injectors of each bank must be the same type. Since you have an older car like mine, the new part number injectors will not work with the old injectors in the same bank. For example, if injector 3 is giving your issues and it is an old part number, you will have to replace all the bank injectors 1,2, and 3. There are other forums out there that detail this information. I hope this gives you some help and direction. Cheers!

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