1998 3/4/5


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1998 3/4/5

I am selling my 1998 BMW M3. Mechanically it is nearly perfect, with nearly every bushing and bearing having been replaced. Cosmetically, it appears to have the original paint but has a few dings here and there and also hail damage that you have to look close to see. I have a CLEAN BLUE TEXAS TITLE for the car. I moved to Tennessee in November of 2017 and have not registered the car here, because the Texas Registration is still good. When I first got the car, it would not go into gear, but would start and run. It had a massive power steering leak, and also an oil leak. I took the car apart in my garage, and replaced a bevy of parts, to include, New Oil Pump, with the nut put back on with red locktite and the threads marred to prevent it backing off. New Oil Pan, New Steering Rack, cooler, hoses, and resovoir with rebuilt power steering pump. New valve cover gasket, new spark plugs, all new O2 Sensors (4) New aluminum radiator, Stewart High Performance water pump, all new pulleys, new belts, new transmission shift pins, new lightweight flywheel and clutch, new master and slave cylinder and steel line, new fuel filter, new evap tank, new axle shafts, new brakes all around, new suspension, new bushings and bearings in the rear, new bushings up front, new control arms, etc... NEW AC Compressor, Condensor, Dryer, Expansion valve, etc.. was replaced by a shop in Kenedy, TX with the parts I bought (Invoice at link below). Blows COLD. I even have seats that are not torn. I have spare seats in the garage that go with the car, in case the leather tears, or you want to have them re-done, etc... New Old Stock BMW Floormats. See this link for every invoice that I could find for the parts on the car. https://1drv.ms/f/s!AgEBTZIqYO-khMUC7iCvTiREur-pZA See this link for pictures of the car (02/19/2018) and video of it running. https://1drv.ms/f/s!AgEBTZIqYO-khMUhxy3mlEfAt3ATaA As for why I am selling it, It does not fit in the garage with my wife's car, and we both work from home, so no need to drive it. I do not want to be one of those people who lets it sit and rot. I want someone to enjoy it. It is so close to being 100%. As for what I know it has issues with: The secondary air system does not work and is only used in colder climates. Starting it when it is warm won't even make it come on, but if it is cold enough, it will set the check engine light, and fail emissions if it is set. Without is set, it passes without a problem (Passed in Dallas, TX) Airbag light is on. The error (Happy to pull it up for you in ISTA Diags) is for the passenger seat belt tensioner. It is the part that is build into the Passenger Seat Belt latch. Easy to pull the seat and replace, but I am normally by myself and it would not fail inspection in Texas, so I did not replace it. Cold Natured. If it is cold outside, the first time you hit the gas to go, it hesitates a second, and then off we go. After that, no hesitation. I have had it up to 140MPH on 635 in Dallas on a Saturday morning at 7:00AM so it will go. I have driven it 7 hours straight at 70-80MPH without issue, and have driven it back the same distance and speeds after driving it around for 3 days at my destination. Rims, the rims are not 100% in round. I have an additional spare rear, that is BENT. Have never had them straightened. Missing air dams from front bumper, and missing the inner fender liners. Headliner needs to be redone, and the panel for the sunroof needs to be redone. Sunroof works.

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